7 Mar, 2019

R404a from 2020

The Beginning Of The End For R404a

From the beginning of next year, there’ll be a ban on new stationary refrigeration equipment using refrigerants with a GWP greater than 2500. This rules out R404A with its GWP of 3922. In addition, it will also be

17 Sep, 2018

FGas to stay in BREXIT deal or no deal.

DEFRA have assured the industry that the FGas and ODS  regulations will continue in the same way in either a deal or no deal BREXIT vote.

This will ensure the UK can still maintain the phasing down of Fgases and control on Ozone Depleting Substances as per the Montreal Protocol.

17 Jul, 2018

Daikin UK to guarantee r410a price until March 2019

Daikin Air Conditioning UK are the only manufacturer of air conditioning equipment who also produce refrigerant.

Details have been released  on two commissioning packages that include refrigerant trim charge at a fixed price when purchased with new equipment.

Contact us for more information on the “commission with confidence package”

29 Jun, 2018

UK CO2 Refrigerant Shortage

Stories have emerged after news of severe shortages of CO2 from Europe.

The refrigeration industry has been moving over to the Low GWP CO2 refrigerant after traditional  HFC,s and there Low GWP alternatives have suffered from huge price increases and supply shortages. UK suppliers have confirmed that they should be able to meet demand.

27 Jun, 2018

Low GWP Alternative To R410a

Honeywell USA have announced details of a low GWP  non-flammable r410a alternative.

The new refrigerant, Solstice N41, now designated R466A, is not likely to become available until 2019.

Details to follow