At Sapphire Cooling we are a proud independent East Anglian company specialising in the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump industries for the last 25 years. Our success, achievements and subsequent reputation relies heavily on having highly experienced and trained engineers and staff, along with an excellent relationship with our highly valued customers.
We pride ourselves on being a leading contractor within the East Anglia region offering engineering coverage in Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk. We are able to provide prompt response times to all nature of works, not just in normal working hours, but also out of hours thanks to our 24/7, 365 coverage.

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We are a full service solutions provider, offering  design & planning , supply & installation and future service & maintenance agreements.
We’ve provided hundreds of solutions on time and in budget for offices, shops, schools, colleges, hospitals, health centres, restaurants, and private homes across East Anglia
All our clients will testify as to the great service they receive. We’re professional, fully qualified, and all work is guaranteed. Just as importantly, the advice we give is practical and trustworthy.

Clinics & Hospitals

We offer specialist air con for healthcare, including doctors’ surgeries, health centres, clinics, hospitals, dentists and care homes.


Effective office air con provides a comfortable working environment and is proven to increase staff productivity.

Gyms & Fitness

We have experience in the installation of quiet yet effective air con for gyms, fitness centres, and yoga studios.


Maintaining a comfortable temperature is essential in a place of worship. We work with churches and community halls to achieve this.

Schools & Colleges

Educational establishments like schools colleges and universities have very specific air conditioning needs, for which we have a great deal of experience.

Supermarkets & Shops

If you’re in retail, whether a shop, supermarket or shopping centre, we can install efficient and unobtrusive systems to enhance the experience of your customers.

Domestic Homes

We provide modern, cost-effective, quiet and unobtrusive air con systems to residential and domestic homes across East Anglia.

Data Centres

Whether you need to cool a single server a server room or a data centre, our solutions are reliable and powerful.


The comfort of customers and guests is paramount in the hospitality sector. We work with pubs, cafés, restaurants and hotels across East Anglia.


We are well-placed to assist with the unique ventilation demands of industrial environments like factories and workshops.
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As a nominated contractor for a full variety of clients, businesses, and contractors, we continue to provide a full array of services such as design, project management and installation, commissioning, and servicing and maintenance in a full variety of environments and applications. Below is a demonstration of our varied client base to which we provide all the above services to on a regular basis.
Norfolk Department Store

In 2019, our client expressed concern in the age and condition of the existing heating and cooling system to the department store. The arrangement consisted of two large AHUs with air conditioning condensing units being used to provide temperature control.

Our aim was to change the arrangement and optimise multiple air to air systems to ensure we were providing an efficient and resilient solution. Sapphire cooling covered all elements of the project including in-depth site surveys and design works, project programmes and drawings, de-commissioning of the existing plant, cranage and lifting for removal and installation of old and new equipment, installation and project management finalised with commissioning and demonstrations.

Plant was selected from the Daikin range and operated on the current industry air conditioning refrigerant, R32. All plant was linked back to a centralised controller located in the manager’s office to maximise efficiency and to provide ease of control and monitoring.

Essex Supermarket

As term contractors, we were responsible for the entire HVAC package on this project, including refrigeration & controls, air conditioning, ventilation, and acoustics. From the outset, we began design works for all HVAC systems and produced a full proposal package.

Thanks to our in-house experience and relations with trusted and respected suppliers, we were able to offer a first-class package that was to the client’s specification. Fast track installation works began along with site supervision and project management to ensure that all works were signed off to the highest of standards, expected by the client.

All ventilation and air conditioning plant was selected from the Daikin range, along with locally manufactured bespoke refrigeration plant & international known display cases. Due to crucial noise requirements, a full acoustical enclosure was designed and installed to ensure that noise levels were achieved without any jeopardy to system operation and performance.

Transport Company Head Office

Sapphire were involved from the outset of this project, being responsible for the design element of the stage of the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation needs. The in-house design consisting of Daikin VRV, split, and ventilation systems was provided to the client and installed by our installation teams.

The VRV selection was based on ensuring resilience across all floors of the building and comfortable temperature solutions throughout the building. Upon completion of the project, we were then appointed directly by the client to carry out the annual routine maintenance visits and service works, a contract which is still in place.

Since being appointed to carry out the maintenance works at the head office, we have gone on to obtain further sites around the region that have been added to the existing maintenance agreement. We have provided a prompt and efficient service in all scenarios, from the routine servicing, to out of hours emergency call outs, all of which we believe have factored into securing renewal contracts year upon year.

Suffolk Domestic Client

We were approached by a domestic client in the winter of 2023 whose property consisted of an older and very in-efficient heating system. The Johnson and Starley hot-air ducted system had been condemned by the heating engineer, resulting in the property having no form of heating whatsoever.

Due to the time of year and size of the property, our customer required an extremely fast turnaround in terms of surveying, design, and proposals. We spent many hours on site with our client to find out their requirements and preferences regarding the replacement system. After several designs and proposals, our client opted with a total of three (3No) Daikin multi-split systems serving a variety of internal fan coil units right the way through the property.

This not only provided a direct heating replacement, but also offered the additional benefit of cooling throughout the warmer months. All fan coil units were provided with standard infrared controllers and were also connected to the customer mobile phone via the Daikin smartphone control application

East Anglian Inspection Facilities

As a result of Brexit trade agreements, various Ports around the Country were instructed to increase their inspection facilities. Sapphire were approached in 2021 to assist with the refrigeration and air conditioning designs at new facilities at several ports.

After having our designs approved, we were then awarded the contract for installing the full scope of works on both sites simultaneously. Both projects required an extremely fast turnaround and completion, and Sapphire provided all the necessary resources to achieve. Working close with local and national manufacturers and contractors, we provided the following:

  • Chilled refrigeration coldrooms.
  • Frozen refrigeration coldrooms.
  • Dual temperature coldrooms.
  • VRF and split Air Conditioning systems.
  • AHU DX heating and cooling.
  • Full Refrigeration and Air Conditioning central control and alarms systems.

Since completing the installations, we have also been awarded with the service and maintenance agreements to both sites, providing routine maintenance visits as well as reactive call outs.

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Refrigeration is vital in our everyday lives, and at Sapphire, we understand the importance of providing well designed and efficient systems. From temperature controlled cold stores, supermarket display refrigeration, cellar cooling systems, and integral cabinets, we can cover every need and requirement.
Thanks to our highly experienced in-house team of designers and engineers, we have been the nominated contractor for a well-established East Anglian retailer for 20 years. We pride ourselves on using well respected and local manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that the delivery of our projects and the future servicing are on time and to the highest possible standards.

Air Conditioning

Years of proven experience in providing air conditioning solutions to homes and businesses across East Anglia has allowed the business to proudly hold the position of a highly respected and renowned contractor in the region.
We are accredited installers with leading manufacturers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Fujitsu. This allows us to provide a premium service from all aspects of the business, from design & planning, installation, and commissioning, this continues into future servicing, fault finding and diagnostics. These relationships, along with our wealth of in-house experience ensure we are able to provide the most efficient services to our customers.
Modern air conditioning doesn't just offer the luxury of cooling, it also provides an energy efficient heating solution. A properly designed air conditioning system will provide a highly efficient all year-round temperature solution.

Heat Pumps

An air to water heat pump is a device that provides heat energy from a source of heat to a specified destination. Heat pumps are designed to move thermal energy opposite to the direction of spontaneous heat flow. This is done by absorbing heat from a cold space and releasing it to a warmer area. The heat can the be used in hot water systems, radiator and underfloor heating systems.  A correctly designed system can act as the perfect replacement option of oil and gas heating systems.  

Service & Maintenance

We can offer a comprehensive service package to almost any industry. Regularly looking after refrigeration and air conditioning equipment is imperative to the longevity of its lifespan. This can be done with major servicing visits or simplified filter cleaning visits and routine inspections. We can put together a bespoke package to suit the requirements of your equipment and the working environment. Working 'out of hours' is also a common practice at Sapphire.
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